Women’s Retreat 2024: Immeasurably More

February 23-24

Join us for a Southwest-themed Weekend at Camp Egan’s Holliman Lodge – A hotel-style retreat center near Tahlequah, nestled in Oklahoma’s Ozark Mountains. Our teachings this year will have the theme of: Immeasurably More: The Width, Length, Height, and Depth of the Love of Christ.

So, pack your bags and join new and old friends as we relax and laugh as well as have meaningful conversations and a chance to connect with God. The food and snacks are incredible (calories don’t count on retreats), and Free Time is full of fun activities and crafts.
Questions? Contact: Church Office (918) 258-1505
Laryn Moore (918) 857-8301 laryn.moore@fumcba.org
Rita Sorrels (918) 724-2851 rita.sorrels@fumcba.org
Jeanine Varvel (918) 519-1978 jeaninevarvel@gmail.com